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Review for Purple Girl

Review for Purple Girl

9780991028313Received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Wow this is creative, a purple girl. Now I hear you say purple? Yes, purple from top to toe. The poor thing was born like this and has been shunned by people because of that. Oh and probably because everything she touches turns purple for a little bit too.

Can I say, I loved her parents, they never once were mean (though her dad was at times a bit unfair), and they cared for even though they were scared out of their wits when she was born, but they kept her, even though everyone else thought they should have dumped her at birth.

I loved the boy, how he didn’t care about Violet’s colour, he found her rather refreshing. 🙂 Loved that they became friends pretty soon. Sadly it is of course not meant to be and he leaves.
Violet decides to go after him (after a fight with her dad, never a good way to leave the house though).

We also have the occasional illustrations, sadly it was really only occasional. I would have loved more of those illustrations, they really liven up the book.

I loved the book’s setting, loved the scenes that rolled through the book. From fields to woods, to towns and little cities. It was gorgeous.

Best of all? I loved the ending, I won’t spoil anything, but believe me it is perfect.

This book was gorgeous, and I really enjoyed it. It was a beautiful tale of a purple girl, about discrimination but also about acceptation. I would really recommend it to everyone!


Review For The Ghost Box

Review For The Ghost Box

9781842999875Received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

First things first. I have deducted one star for the cover. I love covers, and I love looking at them, but I am sad that publishers or authors don’t care to check if a cover has been used already. This cover, has been used so many times, I am sick of it.

Now on to the book itself. This is not only a ghost story, it is also a story about divorced parents, getting used to your new mom or dad and to your new siblings. And while I was a bit disappointed at first, I started to like that part too. I was just hoping for Sarah and Matt to get along and be more like sister/brother than cat and dog.

The ghost story was well written, and scary/creepy at times. I really got some goosebumps throughout the book. The boy was seriously creeping me out, the way he popped up, his violence and more. Unlike some books where we have a friendly ghost, this one was more evil, but we soon find out why he is like that. Really the whole background story behind the ghost was really great and made the story more interesting.

The ending was a bit soon, but I think it fitted the story just right.

Well I would really recommend this book to everyone. It is a really fun, short read, but believe me you will be entertained. 🙂


Everything is on my Blog now!

Everything is on my Blog now!

Hello Everyone,

After almost a week, I can happily announce that everything is now imported! Reviews, covers, tags and anything else. Thanks to my lovely boyfriend for helping me out and making this possible.

Een Lesje in Jaloezie – Een review for Balotje is Jaloers

Een Lesje in Jaloezie – Een review for Balotje is Jaloers

978 90 258 6495 8Een heerlijk en leuk boekje over Balotje, dit keer is ze jaloers. Waarop? Wel op haar prachtige buurmeisje, die niet alleen prachtig is, maar ook nog eens van alles heeft. Zelfs een roze schommel!

Arm Balotje, ik kan me ergens wel voorstellen dat ze jaloers was hoor. Immers zijn we niet allemaal wel eens jaloers op die ene persoon die dingen heeft die jij niet hebt?

Ik vond het ook erg leuk om haar gezicht te zien veranderen, je kon meerdere malen duidelijk zien dat ze gewoon super jaloers was. Het verhaal zelf is erg leuk en goed, en ik weet zeker dat kinderen (en ook wel volwassenen) dit een erg leuk boekje zullen vinden. Misschien zelfs goed te gebruiken als kinderen jaloers zijn op iemand of iets. Nadat ze dit hebben gelezen zullen ze het misschien anders bekijken. 🙂 Want je leert een goede les van dit boekje.

Ik moet nog steeds wennen aan de tekenstijl. Balotje heeft een erg grote neus, een een roze zusje, wat er erg vreemd uit ziet. Sommige dingen zien er gehaast uit of gewoon uit als kraswerk.



Boy in The Smoke – Prequel to Shades of London

Boy in The Smoke – Prequel to Shades of London

The Boy in the Smoke

When I saw this on Goodreads, I knew I just had to read this.

A new story + Prequel + Stephen = perfect combination.

This prequel tells us about Stephen, starting when he was young, then when he went to Eton and what happened there to the hospital and further.

I really loved this story, loved that we finally find out more about Stephen (who is after all a very important character in the series). His past was really sad (we had some hints here and there I believe in the main books), his parents were utterly crap. Seriously your daughter has an addiction, you don’t help her, no you kick her out. And I was at times wondering why those 2 got children. They seem to be selfish, thinking more of themselves than of their kids.

Poor Stephen, when he found out about the sight, how he couldn’t believe it and even just told people about it (bad idea, very bad idea).

All in all, I really enjoyed this book. I really hope we will get more prequels for the other side/main characters.


Rant About The Vanishing Game

Rant About The Vanishing Game

The Vanishing GameJust want to rant.

I just checked the site where I pre-ordered this from, to check if it was out again, and guess what? Extended again, or at least so it seems. If I try to look for the book on google, I can find multiple release dates, none which seem to be correct. Some say it is supposed to be out now, others say 2014, and again others say 2015… Either way, I am pissed, I have been waiting for the paperback for 2 years now, and I have to wait another year? No, no thank you. I will leave the pre-order up and see whenever it comes it, but I will also get this in epub, because sorry, I am not waiting 3 years for a damn book to come out in paperback.

And then publishers and everyone wonder why the hell people switch to ebooks? Well I can see why, years of waiting for a paperback version, while Hardcover and ebooks often get out at the same time.

There, that had to get out.

0 Stars

First Love Sisters Volume 2

First Love Sisters Volume 2

9784758070133I was all looking forward to this manga volume. And I can say this: I am disappointed.

Other than the class president from hell, we got a new teacher, who is a total meddler and quite annoying throughout the book. Even when I read why she did what she did, I couldn’t get any sympathy or liking for her. She willingly did things to Chika and Haruna, just to test their relationship, and I think that is sick. You shouldn’t meddle with relationships, never.
I also didn’t like how the character was designed. Too androgynous for me, especially considering how the rest of the characters are so feminine.

But, we found out more about Haruna. And I can say, I absolutely loved the ending of this volume. It was beautiful and it was high time I must say. Knowing how long the manga has been around, and how many months have passed story-wise, it was time for step further.

I will be sure to read book 3, and see what happens there. I hope something good, considering it is the last volume. 🙁



First Love Sisters Volume 1

First Love Sisters Volume 1

I heard a lot of people saying this was a great manga, and I have to agree with them.

It all starts when Chika goes to an orientation day at a school she is interested in. There she meets Haruna, who gives her a tour. Several things happen and at the end Chika promises she will get in the school and see Haruna again.
And she gets in! Sadly, Haruna isn’t who is was, she is sad and something terrible seems to have happened.

I really liked the characters. Though I found Chika a bit young at times, especially if you compare her to the other characters. Chika acted quite immature at times, cried a lot and just didn’t seem to do much with school (she had reasons, but even when those reasons fade, you see she needs help with keeping it up). Which is a shame.
Haruna, well she was really an interesting character. She was gorgeous and I wanted to know what happened to her that made her drop school/clubs and various other things.

All in all, it wasn’t really much yuri, a lot of just hints of shoujo-ai.

I loved Chika’s friend btw, she was really supportive with Chika, and tried her best to cheer her up when she needed it.

I had one character though, that I absolutely disliked. The class president/representative. She was a total (sorry for my language) bitch and acted out of line various times. There are some hints as to why, but it is all too vague.

Well I hope book 2 will be as nice as this one, and I hope less annoying characters, and of course some sweet romance between Chika and Haruna!


Locked In a Bunker – a Review For Bunker Diary

Locked In a Bunker – a Review For Bunker Diary

Warning: This book is not for the weak-hearted. Believe me, the book is gruesome and horrific at times.

I saw this book in the library and based on the blurb, I decided to read it. In the end, it was an interesting read, and I am glad I tried it out. Though I am also sad and my stomach is a bit queasy.

Not everything was perfect in this book. For one, we never really get a clue about the man (only how he looked) or why he kidnapped everyone, is there a reason for all 6 people? Is it random? Two, the ending, I won’t spoil anything, but I would have loved an epilogue.

bunker diaryI did like the rest of the book. I was at first afraid it would be all teenagers, but soon you find out that everyone is of random ages. You got very young (Jenny, 9 years), Linus (not sure how old) and 3 adults (various ages) and one older guy. That made the story, for me, more believable.
It was still shocking, I never expected that he would kidnap a 9 year old girl and dump her in a place like that.

Of course, put 6 people in one small space, add to that punishments, cameras, microphones and you can imagine what will happen, people will argue, fight, things will happen. Good and bad.

The punishments were gruesome, if they did something wrong (in the eyes of the kidnapper) they got punishments, varying from being gassed, to no food for days, or at one point even get a mad dog send downstairs. I had to push through those parts. Really, horrific and my stomach was not all too happy with the details.

The book is written from the point of view from Linus, he tells us what happens, he tells us about the people, who they are, when they got here.

Also, like I said, I won’t spoil the ending, but be sure to bring tissues, a lot.

All in all a great book, but really horrific at times and it doesn’t give much answers to questions. If you can stand gruesome things and don’t mind not getting answers, then I would recommend this book.




9789044820812Interessant boek, maar een beetje erg jammer dat je het tweede boek MOET lezen om te weten komen wat er nou is gebeurd. Ik haat het als schrijvers dat doen. Als nou het eerste deel een beetje spannend was, dan is het niet erg, maar ik was behoorlijk blij toen ik door het boek heen was.

Ik heb nu alleen tig duizend vragen:
Waarom al die groepen? Waarom moet iedereen bij een groep?
Waarom zijn sprookjes zo prominent in het verhaal?
Waar is iedereen?
Waarom zijn slechts enkele jongeren overgebleven, zijn ze allemaal Potentiëlen of zitten er ook andere groepen tussen?
Hoe zit het in de rest van de wereld? Is het alleen Finland of ook de rest van de wereld?

En nog meer vragen.

De karakters waren zo-zo. Emmi was wel een goed karakter, en ik was blij om te zien dat ze haar onzekerheid overkwam, zich meer zichzelf voelde en niet te negatief was rond het middenstuk van het boek.
Atro, ik weet nog steeds niet wat ik van hem moet denken, maar laat ik het zo zeggen, gebaseerd op het laatste stuk? Klootzak. Je weet de gevoelens van een meisje, je hebt haar zelfs gezoend, en je duikt maar meteen op een ander meisje? Wat?
Onerva, interessant meisje, maar ook een beetje te veel aanwezig, te baldadig. En ze doet hetzelfde bij Emmi als dat iemand haar heeft aangedaan. Heel jammer. 🙁

Verder, plus punten voor de cover, alleen jammer van de sticker. Die verpest toch wel de cover.

Dus, ja, ik moet dan maar het tweede deel lezen, die wel uit is maar nog nergens in een bieb te vinden is. 🙁 Laten we hopen dat tegen de tijd dat ik boek 2 kan lezen, dat ik nog genoeg interesse heb in de serie.

Zou ik dit boek aanraden? Nee. Dat zou ik niet.

3stars, waarvan een ster voor de cover is.