Review for Annie and Fia (Mind Games, #0.5)

Review for Annie and Fia (Mind Games, #0.5)

Annie and Fia (Mind Games, #0.5) I have had an interest in the Mind Games for some time, but wasn’t sure to start it. Then I noticed there was a lovely prequel book, and decided to check that out.

This book is about Annie and Fia. Annie is apparently blind, but can sometimes see visions (one such vision even changed everything about Annie and Fia’s world), and Fia protects her sister and apparently has super instincts.

I really loved both of the characters. Annie a bit more than Fia. I don’t know. Fia was a bit too angry at a lot of things at times, while Annie was different and more interesting to read about.

It was a bit confusing how the time skipped at every change of character. One moment is at Keane, the next it is before Keane again. I do hope the normal book isn’t like this, or if it is, that it is a bit less confusing. Also some of the events happening had me all confused. Had to re-read them a few times, but still not sure what happened there. Maybe it will all become clear when I read Mind Games.

Well when one of my libraries has Mind Games (for once, miracle!, they have an English book) in again, I will get it.

4 Stars

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