Review for Drama

Review for Drama

Drama A little note to all. 1. This is a graphic novel. 2. It features guys who are gay, and also features a kiss between 2 guys. If you think you can’t handle either aspect of this, than this is not your kind of book.

Now on to the book, which I might add, I loved dearly. I love Raina Telgemeier’s art style, it is really recognizable and colourful. There were a few things however that I didn’t like. How the eyes went from small to really big white circles some times. After a while I got used to it, but in the beginning it was a bit weird to see it.

The main lead is one were I had to get used to. She is quite boy crazy, and gets her heart broken quite often (poor thing). But I loved her attitude in regards with the drama club. She worked so hard to get everything working, even while everyone was already dismissing things. The cannon thing? Wonderful! It was really fun when she used it the first time in the cafeteria and everyone was just standing there in shock after it went off with a big BOOM. 🙂

I hated, no I disliked Bonnie. Stereotypical girl who gets everything her little heart wants, and when she doesn’t get it, or it walks away, she just goes in hysterics and pathetically drops everyone and even runs away from an important play. rolls eyes Come on girl, I know he dumped you, but running away while you have the main lead? No, just NO.

Then we have our two brothers, one who is gay and also confides in Callie quite soon in the book. She doesn’t mind at all (just teases him a little bit) and then hugs him, I am really happy she took that route, and not the running away because someone is gay route.
She is also all happy when she hears that Jesse isn’t gay and decides to pursue him. Sadly it was not meant to be as Jesse turns out to be gay and very much in love with a guy . I just wish that Jesse had more balls to be honest with Callie. I think it was pretty mean he dumped her while he took her to the ball, where she spent much of her time crying or with her best friend.

Still I really liked the brothers and their antics. How happy they both were, how good they were in theatre stuff.

Same goes for Callie and her little brother. I still laugh at several of their antics. She is a really great big sister. One of the things that I liked was when her brother came in her room and read what she was posting. What I thought would happen is this: Girl gets angry, screams to mom about annoying brother/sister, bangs with doors. That is what I normally see happening in books featuring little brothers/sisters. Callie? She just says brb to her friend, runs after her brother and buries him six feet under couch pillows/normal pillows and she and her brother have a good time.

The part where the two boys were kissing because the main lead girl decides to hide in a closet? Loved it. And the audience reaction was magnificent, shock and awe.

I really hope for more books by Raina Telgemeier. 🙂

I would really recommend this book to everyone.

5 Stars

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