First Love Sisters Volume 2

First Love Sisters Volume 2

9784758070133I was all looking forward to this manga volume. And I can say this: I am disappointed.

Other than the class president from hell, we got a new teacher, who is a total meddler and quite annoying throughout the book. Even when I read why she did what she did, I couldn’t get any sympathy or liking for her. She willingly did things to Chika and Haruna, just to test their relationship, and I think that is sick. You shouldn’t meddle with relationships, never.
I also didn’t like how the character was designed. Too androgynous for me, especially considering how the rest of the characters are so feminine.

But, we found out more about Haruna. And I can say, I absolutely loved the ending of this volume. It was beautiful and it was high time I must say. Knowing how long the manga has been around, and how many months have passed story-wise, it was time for step further.

I will be sure to read book 3, and see what happens there. I hope something good, considering it is the last volume. 🙁



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