Review for Knuffle Bunny Too

Review for Knuffle Bunny Too

Knuffle Bunny Too I saw this book in the library, it apparently reached the top 10 for best Picture Books this year. So I decided to read it.

For one, it seems you don’t need to know the first book (I found out this was book 2), so yeah for that!

Now for the rest. I loved the illustrations, which were a combination of photographs and drawings. I have only seen it used in a few other picture books, so it is pretty creative/original. And it made the book come more alive to me, not only because of the photographs, but also because the drawings on those photograph jump out of the book because they stand out.

The story, it was just beyond adorable. Poor little girl (who really can’t stop talking btw, wow, she just kept on going and going and going), finding out that your one-of-a-kind bunny might not be so one-of-a-kind. It was kind of sad that they didn’t notice anything was wrong until well, around 3 am in the night (loved how the dad tried to explain that to the girl). And then the trip through the night which set everything right and which made things even better. 🙂 The day after was really fun, happy to see everyone like that. No fights, no arguments, just friendliness.

I will be sure to see if I can find the other books too (let’s hope so). Since I love this little series.

I would recommend this to everyone. 🙂

5 Stars

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