Locked In a Bunker – a Review For Bunker Diary

Locked In a Bunker – a Review For Bunker Diary

bunker diaryWarning: This book is not for the weak-hearted. Believe me, the book is gruesome and horrific at times.

I saw this book in the library and based on the blurb, I decided to read it. In the end, it was an interesting read, and I am glad I tried it out. Though I am also sad and my stomach is a bit queasy.

Not everything was perfect in this book. For one, we never really get a clue about the man (only how he looked) or why he kidnapped everyone, is there a reason for all 6 people? Is it random? Two, the ending, I won’t spoil anything, but I would have loved an epilogue.

I did like the rest of the book. I was at first afraid it would be all teenagers, but soon you find out that everyone is of random ages. You got very young (Jenny, 9 years), Linus (not sure how old) and 3 adults (various ages) and one older guy. That made the story, for me, more believable.
It was still shocking, I never expected that he would kidnap a 9 year old girl and dump her in a place like that.

Of course, put 6 people in one small space, add to that punishments, cameras, microphones and you can imagine what will happen, people will argue, fight, things will happen. Good and bad.

The punishments were gruesome, if they did something wrong (in the eyes of the kidnapper) they got punishments, varying from being gassed, to no food for days, or at one point even get a mad dog send downstairs. I had to push through those parts. Really, horrific and my stomach was not all too happy with the details.

The book is written from the point of view from Linus, he tells us what happens, he tells us about the people, who they are, when they got here.

Also, like I said, I won’t spoil the ending, but be sure to bring tissues, a lot.

All in all a great book, but really horrific at times and it doesn’t give much answers to questions. If you can stand gruesome things and don’t mind not getting answers, then I would recommend this book.


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