Review for Wish, Vol.3

Review for Wish, Vol.3

Wish, Volume 3 Another wonderful volume of Wish.

This time it is all about Kohaku and how she has to get back to Heaven, God is calling for her.

I really loved seeing that bunny/rabbit again, he/she is also used in Kobato (and probably in other CLAMP manga, since everyone knows how much CLAMP loves to mingle their stories, and add characters from various manga together). Poor thing though, that Shuichiro just captured it and locked it up. Well he did it for Kohaku, to give her some more time.

Sadly Shuichiro is a real idiot. Just lets Kohaku go! While you can clearly see Kohaku doesn’t want to go, doesn’t want to leave Shuichiro. We already knew he was clueless, but this much? Urgh.

I really liked that we get a chance to look at how Heaven looks. And we meet some new and interesting characters.

I can’t wait for the last volume, really excited and I am cheering for Shuichiro and Kohaku!

4 Stars

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