Review for Wish, Vol.4

Review for Wish, Vol.4

Wish, Volume 4 The last volume in this series. I am kind of sad it was this short.

Kohaku decides to do something she wants, she goes back to earth. You can’t imagine how much I was cheering when I read that she must do it. Finally Kohaku does something non-angelic. Aww at the reaction when she landed in Shuichiro’s arms. Sigh So romantic.

Sadly it is not all happiness, because of course there will be problems. One does not simple break the rules and go back to earth. Luckily there are enough lovely moments with lots of love between Shuichiro and Kohaku. Finally, if I might add. Took them long enough.

Also the whole thing with Hisui and her demon boyfriend is solved. It was really wonderful to have that solved finally, and too see it wasn’t that bad of a punishment (if it would count as that). Now she can finally be together with her boyfriend.
I think Kohaku got worse punishment, poor thing. Though we find out why, and my is it heartbreaking. Still I think God could have chosen another punishment, or maybe had a word with her. Instead of this.

I loved Shuichiro’s wish, it was beautiful, but I think a better time/place would have been better. Now it fell a bit flat.

And my, oh my, that ending. It was beautiful, sad but so beautiful. So happy for them!

In short, this would be a series I would recommend to everyone!

5 Stars

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