Review for Sakura Trick 1

Review for Sakura Trick 1

Sakura Trick 1 Just a small warning: This is a yuri manga, so it will feature tongue-kissing, kissing, hugging and romantic situations between girls. If you can’t handle this, avoid this manga.

I am watching the anime of this, and decided to check out the manga.

The manga is in 4koma, meaning 4 panels on top of each other. I really like this format and I think it fits this manga.

I am not sure if I will read the manga further, maybe when it will come out in English officially. But so far the anime follows the manga quite faithfully, so there is no need for me to read it yet.

We have 3 couples in this manga (for now). 1 couple is still just friends, the 2nd couple clearly likes each other a lot, and the 3rd couple (and the main couple) is in love and will kiss and hug quite a few times.

I especially love the main couple, they are really cute, though I sometimes just want to smack Yuu-chan for being such a meanie and also at times manipulative. Still at other times she is really sweet and I love her and Haruka-chan’s relationship. Their kisses and their love is soooo sweet.

This first volume mostly is about their first days/weeks at their new school, how they make new friends, find their way through this new stage in life.
It is a wonderful slice-of-life Yuri manga, really relaxing and enjoyable to read. 🙂

I would recommend this to those looking for a nice Yuri manga.

5 Stars

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