Review for Sasameki Koto Vol. 2

Review for Sasameki Koto Vol. 2

Sasameki Koto Vol. 2 Another beautiful volume of Sasameki Koto. 🙂

This time we have a date with our crossdresser (forced, sisters can be scary it seems), love, confessions, girl club (and a half-dead car, which makes me relive Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Star).

I really loved the useless additions that were added in this volume, and I wouldn’t call them useless at all, they were random, but very funny and also at times very sweet.

snickersOh, lol at Kazama’s brother who writes Shoujo manga. And how no one can know he is actually a guy, and not a girl. 🙂

Aoi-san was really adorable, how she did her best for Sumika-chan, and Sumika totally was oblivious to her attention. Luckily in the end everything ends up ok. Sumika and of course the others are true friends.

Sumika is such an idiot. Thinking Kazama wouldn’t mind it that much if she didn’t call. Argh girl, you should know better!

All in all a volume to remember, and I will keep cheering for both girls to get together! Go Sumika, Go Kazama!

4 Stars

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