Review for Stolen (Taken, #0.5)

Review for Stolen (Taken, #0.5)

Stolen (Taken, #0.5) I have been interested in Taken for some time, but needed motivation to really read it. Sadly the prequel doesn’t really provide me motivation, if anything it demotivates me.

I didn’t like Bree. I didn’t like Lock. The only character I slightly sympathized with was Heath and his illness and later his wounds and what happens after that.

I am still very confused about the whole taking/snatching thing and how it works. So not everyone gets snatched? Some get to stay? And girls disappear with 16 and boys with 18? And where do those who get snatched go? Death? Some kind of magical land? And people just let it happen? When did it start? Why 16 and 18? Soooo confused and so many questions.

I might read Taken, but probably not.

2 Stars

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