Review for Stuck

Review for Stuck

Stuck Wow, this book was silly and absurd.

Our main character is kiting, and suddenly his kite gets stuck in a tree. So what do you do? Well normally one would get a parent or a ladder to get said kite out of the tree. Not our main character, no he throws his favourite shoe at the kite, only to find that that one is stuck too, and thus he throws another thing, and then again another thing and even more things at the tree, until there is no logic any more. Everything ends up in the tree.

It was just absolutely silly, and sometimes a bit lame, due to the fact he could have used some of the items to get stuff out,or that the tree never fell over due to all the stuff in there or that the main character apparently had superpowers (whoever could throw a lighthouse???).

But the illustrations were lovely to look at, and I loved the font, it all fitted with the story.

If you want a book that is absolutely illogical and absurd than this is a book you might enjoy. 🙂

3 Stars

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