Rant About The Vanishing Game

Rant About The Vanishing Game

The Vanishing GameJust want to rant.

I just checked the site where I pre-ordered this from, to check if it was out again, and guess what? Extended again, or at least so it seems. If I try to look for the book on google, I can find multiple release dates, none which seem to be correct. Some say it is supposed to be out now, others say 2014, and again others say 2015… Either way, I am pissed, I have been waiting for the paperback for 2 years now, and I have to wait another year? No, no thank you. I will leave the pre-order up and see whenever it comes it, but I will also get this in epub, because sorry, I am not waiting 3 years for a damn book to come out in paperback.

And then publishers and everyone wonder why the hell people switch to ebooks? Well I can see why, years of waiting for a paperback version, while Hardcover and ebooks often get out at the same time.

There, that had to get out.

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