Review for The Worst Witch All at Sea (Worst Witch, #4)

Review for The Worst Witch All at Sea (Worst Witch, #4)

The Worst Witch All at Sea (Worst Witch, #4) Not the best book in the series, I was actually quite bored throughout the book.

It was just all the same. Ethel hating Mildred, being mean to her at every opportunity. Miss Hardbroom who doesn’t have any faith left in Mildred and just hopes she will fail. And then Mildred, she saves the day again…

I will finish this series, but I am not going to buy them, like I was planning to.

There were also enough fun things. Mildred and her class getting asked to come visit and stay at the castle of the wizard she saved in the previous book. Swimming, water-skiing with brooms (awesome!), smuggling a little Tabby with her and of course treasure.

2 Stars

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