Review for The Worst Witch (Worst Witch, #1)

Review for The Worst Witch (Worst Witch, #1)

The Worst Witch (Worst Witch, #1)I heard about this series for a long time, but I could never find the books in English here. Stupid libraries. 🙁

So I found them elsewhere, and I am really happy that I got a chance to read them.

This book is the first one, and where everything starts. We meet Mildred who is very bad at being a witch, though most of the time she doesn’t even mean to do wrong, she tries her best, but well disaster tends to follow her where she goes. I really liked Mildred, though at times I wondered how she has gotten into the school in the first place, does everyone get accepted just like that? Or is there some kind of magical exam?
Luckily she has a wonderful best friend, Maud, I really like her. How regardless of everything she stuck with Mildred and tried to cheer her up when needed.

I loved the detailed descriptions of the castle and school. I always like boarding schools, but this one is even more special since it is filled with magic. Potion classes, chanting classes and more.

The girls even get a cat, mostly black, but in case of Mildred a tabby. 🙂

The illustrations were definitely a plus, I really liked seeing Mildred and Maud, though my mind has a different view of Mildred.

All in all, I loved this one, and I will be sure to read the rest of the series!

4 Stars

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