Review for There is No Dog

Review for There is No Dog

There is No Dog I will write a longer review later/in a few days.

This book was pretty nice, at least in the beginning. Later on in the book it got quite confusing with the amount of characters. Bob, Mr. B, Luke, Lucy, Estelle, Eck, Mona. It was quite chaotic, and I sometimes didn’t even know who was talking now.

I really liked Lucy, but had hoped for a bit more story about her. For a book that is about Bob and Lucy, Lucy had only a bit of the spotlight.

Also it was quite a simple/predictable book. By 1/4 I already knew what would happen and who would get together. The signs are everywhere and easy to see, and I found that a bit disappointing. The other 3/4 of the book I only read to see if I was wrong, sadly I wasn’t. 🙁

More to come later. 🙂

3 Stars

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