Review for YuruYuri Vol 1

Review for YuruYuri Vol 1

YuruYuri Vol 1 I watched both anime seasons of this manga, and am eagerly awaiting the third season (or just an ova). So I decided to start reading the manga so I could get back into the craziness that is Yuru Yuri. 🙂

This volume was wonderful. It introduces us to all the characters and their quirks. Also introduces us to the crazy (and little sister obsessed) big sister of Akari. A lot of things that happened in the first volume is what the anime has too, still I didn’t mind it that much, actually it made me happy that they followed the manga so closely.

Ah Chitose. <3 Loved that girl in the anime, always getting nosebleeds and thinking of Yuri/shoujo-ai things at random times. 🙂
And of course or dere-dere president who always tries to battle with Kyouko, but secretly likes her (and denies it every time).

Who could forget Akari (well everyone can), and her magical disappearing into the background act. 🙂 Akarin~? Poor girl, trying so hard.

The illustrations are wonderfully done, really fitting a manga like this.

So if you like Slice of life manga, with some shoujo-ai elements, then this is a great manga for you. 🙂

4 Stars

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