Review for YuruYuri Vol 2

Review for YuruYuri Vol 2

YuruYuri Vol 2 Another hilarious volume in this series.

This time, more battles between Kyouko and the president, a beach trip and a whole lot more.

I really liked that they added a 4koma chapters, 4komas are always fun to read. 🙂

And that beach trip, oh my, what happens in every manga (well practically every), the jealously between girls and their boob sizes. *snickers*Always fun.

Poor Akariiiin, always disappearing, and even having a doppelgänger? I still remember that part from the anime, it was really fun, though I am not sure how it ended, and what that doppelgänger was in the end.

And of course we have the lovely delusions/dreams of Chitose. My, oh my, they keep getting more yuri. In the previous manga volume they were pretty shoujo-ai, but in this one, wow.

Poor Akarin, I remember that scene from the anime, it was hilarious, especially when the rest of the club came in. 🙂

Yes this was truly a fun ride, and I would once again recommend this manga to everyone who likes slice of life and doesn’t mind a bit of shoujo-ai/yuri.

4 Stars

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