Review for YuruYuri Vol 2

Review for YuruYuri Vol 2

YuruYuri Vol 2 Another hilarious volume in this series.

This time, more battles between Kyouko and the president, a beach trip and a whole lot more.

I really liked that they added a 4koma chapters, 4komas are always fun to read. 🙂

And that beach trip, oh my, what happens in every manga (well practically every), the jealously between girls and their boob sizes. snickersAlways fun.

Poor Akariiiin, always disappearing, and even having a doppelgänger? I still remember that part from the anime, it was really fun, though I am not sure how it ended, and what that doppelgänger was in the end.

And of course we have the lovely delusions/dreams of Chitose. My, oh my, they keep getting more yuri. In the previous manga volume they were pretty shoujo-ai, but in this one, wow.

Poor Akarin, I remember that scene from the anime, it was hilarious, especially when the rest of the club came in. 🙂

Yes this was truly a fun ride, and I would once again recommend this manga to everyone who likes slice of life and doesn’t mind a bit of shoujo-ai/yuri.

4 Stars

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