Review for Zom-B Gladiator (Zom-B, #6)

Review for Zom-B Gladiator (Zom-B, #6)

Zom-B Gladiator (Zom-B, #6) While better, this book was also far more disturbing. We got a few new characters, and we meet older characters.

One of them is named Dan-Dan. Dan-Dan is a sick, sick twisted person who kills and torments children just for fun. And I don’t even want to know what his plans with B. were.
Really seriously wth. I do pray we don’t see him again in the next books. *shivers*

I really despised everyone on that boat. Instead of helping people, they are doing all the stuff they did there. Really sick.

We also find out why the title is Gladiator (was already wondering about it).

Poor B., the things she witnesses, I can imagine B acts so gruffy and mean at times. Anyone would do that after all they went through in the last few books and this one.

I really did like the ending for this book, I like how B keeps growing and learning new things.

I will be sure to read the next book as well.

4 Stars

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