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Review for This Isn’t What It Looks Like

Review for This Isn’t What It Looks Like



Just a short review:

Unlike all the other books, this one was frankly, quite boring and not that interesting. It had some fun things though. I liked the time travelling thing, though Cass forgot the number 1 rule, avoid your ancestors, as to not break your future. Here it magically went well, which was kind of a disappointment, I kind of hoped for a small little plot twist at the end, which we didn’t get.

I think it is still magical that these kids don’t see through Owen’s disguises. You would say they would know by now that anyone suspicious would either be a baddy or Owen. 🙂

Well just to complete this series I will read book 5 and hope it will be better than this one. I somehow feel like the series could have completed way faster if we just skipped parts and all.

Ah, another thing, I liked the footnotes in the beginning (book 1/2) but by this book I am getting tired of this and it pulled me out of the story a lot.


Review for I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

Review for I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats


Re-read of the hardcover version, not the ebook version, but since Goodreads doesn’t allow re-reads this is the only way to show I re-read it.

I wanted to re-read this book. I still remember some things of it, but luckily nothing more.

This was a really hilarious little book, filled with cat pictures, cat poems/verses/whatever. Me and my boyfriend had really much fun reading this and quite a few times we were laughing out loud. 🙂

I especially loved the pictures, a lot were of cute little cats, but also a lot featured cats in silly situations, or cats looking a bit silly.

The poems are really creative, and it sometimes took a bit before you understood what it was all about.

I would really recommend this book to everyone.


Review for Monster High: Who’s That Ghoulfriend?

Review for Monster High: Who’s That Ghoulfriend?

I am slightly disappointed. This book was good, yes it was. But sadly it was just like the second book, cut off in the middle of the story. However in this story it is even more so. We get to the alarm and bang story over. So yeah, that makes me reduce 1 star.


The characters were once again really fun and interesting. I loved Rochelle and her whole I have to tell the truth at any time, no matter if it is appropriate or not.
Robecca, well I am still hoping see and Cy will get together, they would make a cute couple.
Venus, well I hope she learns to deal with her attitude a bit. She is a fun girl, but I am just sad that she is always so fierce and all about nature and such. It gets a bit boring, and also silly to see someone snap at people because they used 1 thing too much.

We also have a new character, who is a spider girl. I really liked her, though I am kind of curious as to what her story is. Why is she here? Who is she working for? Does she know more?

I do hope the whole headmistress is missing thing gets solved in the next book, and I hope we then get to have just normal stories. It would be a shame if this series was just about one thing. 🙁


Review for Kingdom Hearts Vol.1

Review for Kingdom Hearts Vol.1

9781598162172I decided to re-read this series (or at least the volumes I had at home (yeah for Tokyopop for failing and dropping out)).

This manga basically follows the game story, just adds a few extra things, but nothing really more, so while I don’t mind seeing the same things again, I can imagine for those that played the games multiple times, that it will get a bit boring.

I loved the characters, it was so nice to see Sora, Donald, Goofy and a whole lot of other characters again.

The art was a bit strange at times, especially facial expressions were a bit overdone.

Also I wonder why Tokyopop decided to reverse the reading order of the manga, that was really weird.

All in all I would recommend this manga to those who haven’t played the game


Review for Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun

Review for Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun

9780316222532The second book in the series, and we continue where we last left our girls. 🙂

Sadly, this book is not like the other. There we had a problem, a climax and also an ending. In this book, we still have a problem, and then it suddenly ends and you will have read book 3. :\ Oh well.

The girls are back and better, I really liked them in this book, you could see them start to become even better friends. It was at times really exciting and I couldn’t wait to find out who made all the bad signs/omens etc. I of course have my suspicions as to who it could be.

I didn’t like every character in the book. The blog girl was just annoying, that werecat girl was just urgh, a total bitch to everyone.

But all in all, it was a nice story, and I will be sure to read book 3.


Review for Ghoulfriends Forever

Review for Ghoulfriends Forever

I read the Monster High books some time ago, so you can imagine my happiness when I read someone else will take it over and make a new series!!

Sadly that person was Gitty Daneshvari, who also wrote School of Fear, a book I really disliked. So I was quite worried this and the art would be the same as that one. Luckily, it turned out to be much, much different and much much better.


We have 3 main girls: Rochelle (a gargoyle), Robecca (steampunk robot) and Venus (a plant girl). Everyone of them has one quality and that gets told 100x times. It doesn’t bother me that much though, it was at times a bit silly to see the same thing come up though.

I loved the descriptions of the classes, the school, the outside place, I could just imagine myself there and have fun with the monsters.

Be aware though, the whole book is filled with puns and such. Library is Libury, Oh la la becomes Boo la la and various countries have had their names changed to something more appropriate for a school of monsters.

We (cheer cheer) meet the old cast as well. I loved and I was so happy to see them again, to see them move through the school and have a great time together.

There is a good story going on, strange new teacher, people starting to act strange and the 3 main girls (and someone else) have to save the monsters.

Oh, I totally forgot one thing: There are illustrations. It took me a bit to get used to them. All the girls looked a clone copy of the other. The only thing different was the hair/clothes and few other small things. But in general she is she had only draw the outlines, then you would have the same characters everywhere.

All in all, and even though it is a funny and fluffy series, I will be sure to check the rest of the books out.


Review for the Fear

Review for the Fear

As these books progress, they get more gory and also more disturbing.

9780141384665There were just times I had to stop reading, stop going on, and sometimes I just had to skip. And at other times I wanted to know more.

There are new disgusting characters in here. We got the collector, my God, he was scary and disturbing. Taking and maiming kids, and doing God knows what to them. We also have St George (who I knew from the next book), who is a very scary, smart and organized zombie. We also got various other zombies, like the gym bunny mother. It was kind of scary to see things from her point of view.

And then we have the children. My God, Charlie Higson doesn’t go out of the way to kill them does he now? It happens in all the books, that main characters or even side characters gets killed off as easily. It doesn’t happen often that writers do this, so it is kind of awesome that Charlie Higson does so, sadly I am also not so happy with it. I keep hoping that these kids would survive, but well… nope.

David is just a scary kid. The power really went to his head and made him all psycho.

I really liked Dognut, Brooke, Courtney and all the other characters we meet in this book.

Well I will be waiting for book 5 now. Hopefully it won’t be long before I can read it. I am kind of curious as to why the zombies are being able to think, are able to use weapons. And I am also cheering and hoping some kids will at least survive this damned thing.


Review for Verkeerde Sokken

Review for Verkeerde Sokken

Een leuk boekje over een jongen die wil weten waarom iedereen gelijke sokken draagt, en als hij een niet zo goed antwoord krijgt besluit om dan zijn sokken te wisselen en zo 2 verschillende sokken draagt.

9789025864941Ik vond de hoofdpersoon geweldig, hebben we niet allemaal ons weleens afgevraagd waarom we altijd 2 dezelfde sokken hebben? Of kleding? Ik geloof dat ik het ook wel eens had afgevraagd. Alleen was wat daarna gebeurde nou niet zo spannend als het boek. Iedereen sokken wisselen, zelfs de koning! Totdat iedereen dus verschillende sokken heeft. En ja dan is het toch niet meer zo verschillend of leuk?

Ik vond het einde dan ook wel leuk, een beetje simpel, maar ach het is een kinderboek. 🙂

De illustraties waren leuk om te zien, erg kleurrijk, en sommige plaatjes kon je eventjes in turen want je bleef dingen zien.

Een echte aanrader voor kinderen en ouders!


Review for Boys Like You

Review for Boys Like You


I wasn’t at first sure if I would like this book, but well, after reading it I can say honestly: wow.

The characters are both with a past. They both made a wrong decision, did something wrong, and both are totally not happy and not sure about life.

Monroe was a really lovely character. Sure at times she was a bit too aggressive and a bit of a bitch, but not so much that you would hate her.
I was wondering what happened that caused her to be like she was in the book. Why she was so sad, so angry. And when we found out, I only wanted to hold her and hug her and tell her that everything is all right, or will be soon. Poor girl, going through so much, I just cried when I learned about her history, about the dark times she went through. And I also cried when she started to get back to life, becoming more happy. Which is mostly caused by her love for my other favourite character: Nathan.

Nathan, was a wonderful character, and again, I felt so sorry for him when we learned about what happened. But we also learn it wasn’t all his fault. Sure he was driving and drunk, but we later find out everything that happened that evening, and what people said and did. And that changes the perspective on things. I was really happy when he finally opened up to Monroe, when he finally found a person who he could trust, who would always be with him.
And he was also an interesting character and I loved that this is a second book in a week that featured music as being a big part of the story.

The setting was really wonderful, while I never been to the USA, I could just imagine me in that town, together with Monroe and Nathan.

It was a really wonderful book, and I would truly recommend it to everyone! Read it. You won’t be disappointed, believe me.