Review for Bad Girls Don’t Die

Review for Bad Girls Don’t Die


I read this book almost 2 years ago, and thanks to a challenge in one of my groups I decided to read it again.

Sadly I still knew most of the things that happened in the book, so nothing was a big surprise to me. Though I can say I still loved to read the book.

Characters… Mm I must say I know again why I didn’t always like it the last time. Kasey, and her annoying behaviour (not only when she was possessed, mind you). She acts for most of the time as if she is 6 instead of 13 (I believe she was that). She clings to everyone, needs help with everything and well she is a mess. And then she gets possessed and dear lord she becomes worse.

Luckily there is a whole cast of characters that power up the story and make it good again.

The story itself was fun. I really love reading about old houses with secrets and scary stuff. Though I absolutely hate dolls and this book made me shiver quite a few times.

Well, since I know book 2 wasn’t to my liking I probably won’t read that and will just leave it to this book.

All in all, I would recommend this book. 🙂


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