Review for Being Hartley

Review for Being Hartley

9781495449086Received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I can say, I loved this book. The characters, the setting, the story everything was just 100% fun. Add to that some drama, some dancing and romance and you got a perfect mix.
What I really liked is how the Hartley family is pretty wealthy, yet they aren’t the cliché rich people like you see in books. Throwing with money, bitching about things, demanding stuff and such. If we didn’t know better we would say they are just your average Joe with their money. The only way you know they are rich, is because they travel from one country to the other, have big houses, private tutors and people and various other small things.

Thea, ah Thea, my favourite character in the book. I really loved her drive to just keep dancing, how she wanted to get out there and have fun too, but her mom keeps her away from public (logical, if you see how crazy people react when they see a Hartley). I loved how she was there for her cousins, for her family and how happy she was. Of course Thea is all teenager too, so we get enough small tantrums, or small things other things. And of course romance. I really loved the parts with her and Noah, they make such a cute couple!

I really liked the other characters. Rory, Allie were really fun characters, and I was cheering for them both. Rory to get out of things, Allie to get better, so she can live a normal life again. And then we have Thea’s mom, who grows, she lets her daughter go more and tries her best to be there for her. She doesn’t do everything well of course, but she learns. 🙂

The dancing was really fun to read about. I like to dance in my free time (nothing big or special though, just for fun).

This book isn’t only about dancing, or Thea, or getting a boyfriend. It is also about growing up. Becoming adult, trying something different.

All in all? I loved this book and I would recommend this to everyone.


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