Review for Boys Like You

Review for Boys Like You

9781402291470)I wasn’t at first sure if I would like this book, but well, after reading it I can say honestly: wow.

The characters are both with a past. They both made a wrong decision, did something wrong, and both are totally not happy and not sure about life.

Monroe was a really lovely character. Sure at times she was a bit too aggressive and a bit of a bitch, but not so much that you would hate her.
I was wondering what happened that caused her to be like she was in the book. Why she was so sad, so angry. And when we found out, I only wanted to hold her and hug her and tell her that everything is all right, or will be soon. Poor girl, going through so much, I just cried when I learned about her history, about the dark times she went through. And I also cried when she started to get back to life, becoming more happy. Which is mostly caused by her love for my other favourite character: Nathan.

Nathan, was a wonderful character, and again, I felt so sorry for him when we learned about what happened. But we also learn it wasn’t all his fault. Sure he was driving and drunk, but we later find out everything that happened that evening, and what people said and did. And that changes the perspective on things. I was really happy when he finally opened up to Monroe, when he finally found a person who he could trust, who would always be with him.
And he was also an interesting character and I loved that this is a second book in a week that featured music as being a big part of the story.

The setting was really wonderful, while I never been to the USA, I could just imagine me in that town, together with Monroe and Nathan.

It was a really wonderful book, and I would truly recommend it to everyone! Read it. You won’t be disappointed, believe me.


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