Review for Cameron and the Girls

Review for Cameron and the Girls

9780544301627I was kind of looking forward to this book, and I can say, I am disappointed.

Cameron was a really annoying kid, I really didn’t sympathise with him. He was treating his disease as if it was just all nothing, something you can experiment with. Messing with his medicines, messing with his own head. I just felt repulsed. I know medicines might numb you, till the point that you don’t feel anything, and I can imagine that sucks hard, but come on, those pills are made so you don’t break apart. So you can live a life without pain, feeling a bit more normal.

Also, what was up with his attitude regarding everyone? Seriously, everyone is just trying to help, yet you push them away, act hateful and hurt them so much.

What I did learn? Well that clearly kids from 13/14 are not mature enough to take their own medicines and the decisions that go with it. Screw the law in this case, I think you should look at every kid individually and see if they can take it. In case of Cameron, they shouldn’t have allowed it.

Nina, I really disliked her too. She was just motivating Cameron to stop taking medicines, to beg, to skip school. And you can see where that led them both. I also think she was just too desperate for attention.

Also, I didn’t feel like Cameron was 14. The way he acted, the way he talked, the way he thought about his illness, I thought he was 8, maybe 10 years max.

Would I recommend this book? No.


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