Review for Cress

Review for Cress

9780141340159Thank Lord I finally finished! This won’t be a very long review.

Why it took me almost a month to read this? Because it started out terribly slow. Not only that, but the multiple POVs were highly confusing at times.

On to that part of POVs. Nice and all that you want to let every effing character speak a part, but it gets confusing. We had POVs for Cinder, Cress, Thorne, Scarlet, Erland, Kai, Iko and maybe some others. And sorry, but that is just too much, at one point I just started skipping POVs that weren’t by Cress or Cinder or Scarlet. Some of those POVs get all the attention (Cress and Cinder), while the kick-ass girl from the last book, Scarlet, barely gets any attention, and that is what made me pissed off too. We only get snippets of what happens to our dear Scarlet at Luna, and most snippets are quite short. Poor thing, lead girl in the previous book, and now dumped to nothing. 🙁 I can only imagine how it will go in the next book when we get, yet again, another girl to the mix. I don’t even want to know how confusing that will get.

The story was quite great, but at times a bit too cliché.  Satellite falls out of the sky and our dear great leader Thorne becomes blind? Hold on? What? Wolf snaps and goes in almost mental breakdown because conveniently Scarlet gets taken hostage, Cress is the daughter of a certain person… Urgh.

I did love the cover, I did love the fact we got ourself Rapunzel. I did love the name Cress, and I also liked that we finally had a girl for Thorne (yes cliché again, every lead girl has her own knight in shining armour).

Will I read/buy the next book? No. I will probably see if I can find it somewhere, try it out and see if it is any good.


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