Review for Destined

Review for Destined

9780449817872I have been wanting to read the Fates series for a bit of time, so when I saw this one, I had to read it. 🙂

Now I can honestly say, I am quite confused. So Corinthe seals fates from people? Making them either die or find true love or something like that? I felt like I was thrown head first in the middle of a story. Which is a shame. 🙁

Corinthe was a nice character though, a bit strange at times, and I wonder how she got to do the job she has to do now. Nate was a prick, Ava was really nice and I felt sad for her. And then Owen. Ah Owen. <3 And that ending. <3

All in all a fun short book, but again, very confusing, not sure if you would want to read this before you read book 1.


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