Review for Don’t Look Back

Review for Don’t Look Back

9781423175124This book as just wow, wow and wow. It dragged me in immediately with how it started.

Poor Samantha, coming back to a life she doesn’t know about, she doesn’t even want any more. I really disliked her friends and her boyfriend. Sure she was just as bad back then, when she got those friends, but now she is different.

I must say I loved this Samamtha, and I was kind of glad that she didn’t get her memories back in one go, but instead it takes a whole book and even then… I loved how instead of just falling back with the group, she stuck to her new self and talked to everyone, didn’t bitch and behaved like a model citizen.
Scott and Julie were wonderful characters, I especially loved Scott and how protective he was and how much he tried to be there for his sister. I was really cheering for him at a lot of moments.

Then we have the childhood friend (sorry he is quite forgettable and I forgot his name), for whom Samantha gets a big crush. And we get to one of the points of the book I didn’t like. She was literally drooling every time she saw him, she had to mention a part that she liked, and I can tell you, that starts to get annoying after 3 times. After that, I was like: “Yeah we know you love the boy and want to get in his pants, now stop drooling and do something about it!!”

There was enough mystery in the book, also some scary things that really scared the wits out of me. Like when we see Cassie, or the whole note thing, or several other things.

Then we got the best part yet, the ending. Let’s just say, I didn’t see that one coming. I had my suspicions on other characters, and while I was slightly suspicious of this one, I didn’t think they would do it.
There are various plot twists in the story which makes everything even better!

Would I recommend this book? Yes. Yes I would.


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