Review for Emily and The Strangers Volume 1

Review for Emily and The Strangers Volume 1

9781616553234Received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I love comics, so I had to try this one, especially since I am curious about this Emily the Strange character. I heard quite a lot about her and saw her various things in the stores here. I believe at one time I even had an agenda with her on it.

Emily’s inventions are all fun and brilliant to see, and how much they failed (though I would blame that cat for most of that). 🙂 Loved how dedicated she was to get that guitar. I won’t spoil much about what happens, and if she wins, read the comic.

I didn’t really like that blue-haired boy, he was a bit too cocky for me. At least at the first few times we saw him, later I started to like him more, but still not enough. I did like the band idea though, and how much they rocked (I can just imagine the rock/metal sound they are bound to be making).

Oh my, summoning ghosts! That is fun, and so perfectly fitting with the whole Emily Strange thing. 🙂 Nothing is Strange for that girl it seems.

Lol at that the characters form a rainbow. 🙂 We got a Pink girl, Purple Girl, Orange/Red Boy, Green Boy, Blue Boy and then we have Emily who doesn’t do colours.

I loved the band/gig posters at the end of the book. They just made the book that more awesome.

The illustrations and the way the characters were drawn were really gorgeous, of course fitting Emily they were mostly dark and a bit gloomy. Luckily we got some colour thanks to the colourful side-characters.

I would really recommend this comic. Do you like Emily Strange? Or heard of her? And want to know more, try this. If you are just searching for a fun comic then this one is also right for you.

And me? I will be looking forward to the next comic!


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