Review for Hooked

Review for Hooked

9780373210725I can honestly say, I have nothing with golf.

Frankly I find it one of the most boring sports ever, at least to watch. It takes ages for them to do anything, and most of the time it takes even longer to get to the goal. 🙂

So I was a bit hesitant to start with this book, but my oh my, am I glad I started this book and continued reading. This book was absolutely gorgeous and while also sad and at times frustrating, it all fitted perfectly.

Fred was a great character, though I must say she is a bit naive and maybe too innocent at times. But she grows, from silent character to a more kick-ass character. And wow, she was good at golf, kicking the ass of all the poor little rich boys. I have a whole new collection of quotes just from things Fred said. Also by the way, I loved how everyone assumed she was a dude, just by her name. 🙂
My only complaint (other than her naivety) was that she should have spoken up more. When Seth was being a prick, come on say something. When the coach wants to help you, speak up. You don’t want Sam? Speak up!

Ryan, arghhh, great character, at least around the middle/end of it. At the beginning he was too much into Seth and Gwyneth and went along with quite a few of their things. I can hear you say, yes but he said he didn’t want them to do that. Yes that is nice, but I think it would have been better if he said bye to them or just formed more distance between them. But I loved the Ryan at the ending. He was so cute and wonderful, and oh so protective over Fred.

Seth, God, he was just a xenophobic prick. I wanted to smack him quite often. Sure bro, you got kicked out of your precious group, but do you need to put all your rage unto Fred and such? Go to the coach and rage on him. He is the one who kicked you off because you are apparently worthless and he found a better golfer. Besides, she had a try-out. Not official/formal but she played for him.

But all in all, this book was wonderful. It had some silly drama at times between Ryan and Fred (I was really snorting when Fred just thought Ryan was still going out with Gwyneth and ran to Sam, silly high school drama), but it is great. Also while golf is quite a big deal, it isn’t so much present that you might get bored.


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