Review for I Can See Just Fine

Review for I Can See Just Fine

9781419708015Wow, what a fun little read this was.

I loved her parents, and how her mom just put her in the car without saying where they were going.

It is about a girl who can’t see well, and everyone around her notices that. However the girl herself doesn’t want glasses. Nope, not at all. She can see just fine!

It was brilliant to see in how many ways she didn’t see well. You could see her come in with a skunk, thinking it was a cat.
Or her reading a book upside down.Even in class, she was standing on the desk instead of sitting.

I loved the glasses, and how the girl was at first like, I don’t need glasses, and then poof, she could see and she was all quiet. 🙂

The illustrations are top-notch, really colourful and fun to see.

I would recommend this book to everyone who needs a fun, short read.

And I normally don’t add images, but I just had to share this one:
I can see just fine


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