Review for Library Wars Vol. 1

Review for Library Wars Vol. 1


Decided to re-read this one, since I now have Volume 1 to 5, and plan on reading this series fully.

I totally love this series. The anime was fantastic, and I have a good feeling that the manga will be even better. 🙂

The world setting is one that attracted me to the anime in the first place. A world where books are being censored, where books are taken from bookstores, where there is a war going on at times between two fronts. And I loved the idea of libraries as being the one protecting the books and having their own defence/attack force.

Then we have the characters, Iku and Dojo, who really, well this is no spoiler, like each other though they are both denying it and acting (in the case of Iku) as if she hates him. Iku is a wonderful character, though her hating/crushing on Dojo gets a bit annoying at times, I just wish she would be honest with herself. And her motivation to join the library forces. snort I can imagine the committee was laughing about that too.
The side-characters are fun too, and make the story more complete. And they all get a little bit of the spotlight, making them just as important as the main characters.

All in all, I know what is coming (I saw the anime and the movie), but I am still very much excited about it. Can’t wait until we reach that point.


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