Review for Monster High: Who’s That Ghoulfriend?

Review for Monster High: Who’s That Ghoulfriend?

9780349001234I am slightly disappointed. This book was good, yes it was. But sadly it was just like the second book, cut off in the middle of the story. However in this story it is even more so. We get to the alarm and bang story over. So yeah, that makes me reduce 1 star.

The characters were once again really fun and interesting. I loved Rochelle and her whole I have to tell the truth at any time, no matter if it is appropriate or not.
Robecca, well I am still hoping see and Cy will get together, they would make a cute couple.
Venus, well I hope she learns to deal with her attitude a bit. She is a fun girl, but I am just sad that she is always so fierce and all about nature and such. It gets a bit boring, and also silly to see someone snap at people because they used 1 thing too much.

We also have a new character, who is a spider girl. I really liked her, though I am kind of curious as to what her story is. Why is she here? Who is she working for? Does she know more?

I do hope the whole headmistress is missing thing gets solved in the next book, and I hope we then get to have just normal stories. It would be a shame if this series was just about one thing. 🙁


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