Review for Portable Ghosts

Review for Portable Ghosts

978-0571234820While the cover mentions her as the queen of children’s fiction, I have never heard of this author until this book. 🙂

But I can say, I really loved the book. It was a fun, albeit short read. I really liked the main characters, Ditta (interesting name btw) was really nice and tried her best with everyone. Then we got Max and also Hilly. I must say I liked Hilly out of the three the best. A portable ghost, who lives in a book? Yes, please. 🙂

However, I really disliked the sister, I felt like she didn’t belong in the story, and I have had a few times that I wanted to stop with the book because of her. She was the stereotypical little sister. Annoying, obnoxious and always pushing her way to her sister regardless of whatever.

The ending however is where this book loses stars. It was a good ending and all, but it was too open for me. If only there was a second book, then I might have rated it higher, but for now it felt like they are having another adventure and we don’t get to read it. 🙁

All in all, a decent book. I would recommend it if you want a short story about ghosts, haunted floors and friendship.


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