Review for Shh! We Have a Plan

Review for Shh! We Have a Plan

9781406342321I saw this book in the library, and just had to have it.

The book is about 4 guys (or girls) who are trying to catch a bird and do so at various ways.

I really adored the illustrations, they were really pretty and I was just cheering for the friends to get that bird. My favourite character would be the little friend, how every time his/her friends tried to get the bird he/she would be there to point out the bird, get sssttt by his/her friends, and he/she even had a brilliant idea to catch that bird (which, well of course, failed).

It is a really witty and fun book, and I am sure kids will love this one. Big illustrations, silly situations and repeating the same thing for a few times.

I would really recommend this book to everyone. 🙂


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