Review for Shuuen no Shiori Manga Vol. 1

Review for Shuuen no Shiori Manga Vol. 1

9784840150446This was a really strange, and at times scary manga.

I loved the mystery part though, and I am still very curious as to how the book works, what the Kokkuri messages say and how the whole game works exactly.

The characters are so-so, I can’t really remember them, because of their names. A-ya, D-ne, B-ko etc. You would say it should be easy to remember, but I am confusing who is who again every time. 🙂 And I just wish they would have picked normal names instead of this.

Also I can say, that I absolutely didn’t like A-ya. His attitude towards people is urgh. I mean, you know that whoever sees the letter might die, yet for the sake of curiosity and all that, you let your best friend read the letter, and he gets killed. Also I didn’t like him making up rumours, while B-ko might not might not mind it that much (ok, she did want to kill him almost), it can be very damaging and painful to others.

Will I read the manga further? I am not sure yet, probably not.



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