Review for The Art of Plants vs. Zombies: A Visual Retro Retrospec Book

Review for The Art of Plants vs. Zombies: A Visual Retro Retrospec Book

9781616553319Received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A gorgeous, fantastical and hilarious book!

This book has so much, and it was filled to the max with illustrations, concept art, a whole lot of zombies, and even more misspellings (fitting for the zombies).

The illustrations and concept art were really pretty to look at. I haven’t played Plants vs Zombies 2, and it seems most of this book is about that, but my oh my it improved quite a bit. There are also little comments added by zombies about things. Like that there are too many plants, Crazy Dave is just meh and more. It really livens up the illustrations. Also yeah for postcards from various places.
The illustrations aren’t always in colour, some are in sepia tones, others in black and white. But I think that adds to the thing and makes it even better.
Of course it isn’t all about zombies (much to the anger/frustration of the zombies), you can also find various sketches of different plants, scary plants, cute plants and more.
Also added are maps from the various places in the game (I am guessing), and also various sketches/illustrations of the houses/places.

I really had fun reading the comments by zombies, some are just hilarious, and most I agree with. Zombies are so much better than plants!

All in all, this is a wonderful book. Even for those who haven’t played the latest game. If you like zombies then this book is perfect for you! And I am thinking of buying this book.


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