Review for the Fear

Review for the Fear

As these books progress, they get more gory and also more disturbing.9780141384665

There were just times I had to stop reading, stop going on, and sometimes I just had to skip. And at other times I wanted to know more.

There are new disgusting characters in here. We got the collector, my God, he was scary and disturbing. Taking and maiming kids, and doing God knows what to them. We also have St George (who I knew from the next book), who is a very scary, smart and organized zombie. We also got various other zombies, like the gym bunny mother. It was kind of scary to see things from her point of view.

And then we have the children. My God, Charlie Higson doesn’t go out of the way to kill them does he now? It happens in all the books, that main characters or even side characters gets killed off as easily. It doesn’t happen often that writers do this, so it is kind of awesome that Charlie Higson does so, sadly I am also not so happy with it. I keep hoping that these kids would survive, but well… nope.

David is just a scary kid. The power really went to his head and made him all psycho.

I really liked Dognut, Brooke, Courtney and all the other characters we meet in this book.

Well I will be waiting for book 5 now. Hopefully it won’t be long before I can read it. I am kind of curious as to why the zombies are being able to think, are able to use weapons. And I am also cheering and hoping some kids will at least survive this damned thing.


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