Review for the Vanishing Game

Review for the Vanishing Game

9781599906942So I finally got a copy. From somewhere else because OH BOY… 😐

Now that I have read this book, I am even more pissed off that people who wait for the paperback have to miss such an awesome story.

And awesome it was, believe me. Of course not the entire book is awesome, at times I was bored, at other times I was rolling my eyes at the whole impossibility of things. This is also the one reason why this book didn’t get the whole full score, up until the ending the book was 3 stars. Then came the mindtumbling ending and well, that just upped the rating by 1.

I won’t spoil the ending, you will have to read and find out yourself.

Now characters.
Jocelyn was a really interesting, albeit strange character. At most times in the book I thought she was just going crazy. Especially if we find out her past, what happened in the foster home and a few other things. However, I really liked Jocelyn, and I was cheering for her along the road of impossible puzzles. 🙂

Noah, ah Noah, I really liked him, though it took a bit for me to like him. At the beginning he is quite angry and bleh, but he soon starts to open up and be kinder.

Jack, well what a mysterious character he was. I will say no more.

All in all, the book was great. It had a fair amount of Oh My God Plot twists and add to that, an epic conclusion!

I would recommend this to everyone.


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