Review for The Year of the Book

Review for The Year of the Book

9780547684635Anna is a Chinese-American girl who often dives into books for comfort and for fun. However her books can’t tell her how to find or make a true friend.

I really loved this book, it was adorable, cute and the only thing that I didn’t like 100% was that it was short, too short.

The book has various illustrations, which really made the story more fun to read and which brought it to life.

Anna is lovely character, though at times I wish she would stand up for herself more, not only to her classmates or teachers, but also to her parents. I loved that she was a huge bookworm, walking and reading or just trying to finish things faster so she can read more.

There are various side-characters, and I can say that I liked most of them. However I didn’t like Anna’s mom. I think it was quite rude that she just talked about Anna in a language that Anna didn’t understand, or that her mom didn’t think Anna was doing her best at things.

Other than that, I would really recommend this book, it is a tale of friendship, finding yourself, learning new things and of course about books. 🙂


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