Review for This Time Around

Review for This Time Around


A sweet and short romance book.

Nora and Jake were girlfriend and boyfriend, until one fateful evening when Jake didn’t show up during a very important date. Nora left for college and didn’t come back. Until now that is.

I really liked Nora, she was a really great girl and though I wish she had gone against her dad more. Not let herself be shipped off away from home that easily. But I really liked her how she acted, how friendly she was and how quickly she forgave Jake, when she found out why he never showed up. (which btw, was nothing earth-shattering, so nothing of him cheating or whatsoever (which I kind of expected though, knowing Jake’s past)).

Jake, ah Jake, I really liked him, though I wish he was a bit more honest with things. Instead of letting things just happen, I wish he tried more, tried to communicate with Nora. Not only about that thing that broke them apart, but also about a certain girl that popped in his life during that break-up time).

The side-characters: Susie and Ethan, were really lovely and I liked that they were prominent in the story. They seem to be a perfect couple and I really loved the wedding. Especially Susie, she was a wonderful friend and I love her and Nora’s conversations about various things.

I really disliked Nora’s parents, for what they did, and for being not letting her go, they just have to control every aspect of her life. Sorry, but your daughter has grown up, let her go. Let her decide what she wants. And not only trying to control her, but they are also trying to get rid of Jake in many ways as possible. Tsk, sad that parents are sometimes like this.

Also I loved the dual POVs, really nice to get to know them both instead of seeing it only from one POV.

I however skipped over the sex scenes or various times that Jake’s hard erection were mentioned. There weren’t that many in the beginning but around the middle things just started to heat up more, and I was like no thank you, no thank you at all. :\ I should have know not to read NA unless I was sure there wouldn’t be too much of this.


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