Review for Yotsubato! Volume 1

Review for Yotsubato! Volume 1

9781413903171I have been planning on reading this manga for some time now, but never got to it. I really loved Azumanga Daioh (by the same author) and I can say I love Yotsubato! too.

I probably won’t write a review for every book, especially since most books are about the same thing. Yotsuba doing silly/interesting/insane/crazy/weird stuff, discovering the world and all in all being a kid. 🙂

In this book we meet Yotsuba, and her father, and also all the other main-ish characters. Yotsuba takes a bit of getting used to. In the beginning I found her quite annoying, and wanted to drop the manga, but after some chapters, I started to like her, started to laugh at the silly things she does or says.

The backgrounds in this manga are gorgeous, very detailed and you can almost imagine yourself there with Yotsuba. 🙂

I can’t wait to read more of this manga, and hopefully finding out more about Yotsuba, her strangeness, her parents, why her hair is green (especially since it seems everyone else has just normal colours).

If you need a silly manga, that is about the antics of a 5/6 year old, then this manga is just right for you.


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