Review for Young, Gifted and Dead

Review for Young, Gifted and Dead

9781447235767The book started off at a good start. A girl gets dumped at a boarding school and she looks kind of forward to the time there. Sadly it was not meant to be as one of her roommates gets dragged from the lake… dead.

And that is where the story kind of fell flat. I know the girl barely knew Lily and all, but other than a few tears, a few fleeing from the room, I didn’t see her grief. And later on when something else happens, she again, doesn’t grief that much. The only thing that happens is that she goes in full snooping/sleuthing mode. Which also brings me to the next thing, the whole snooping/sleuthing thing. Normally in books, adults would say something like: It is dangerous, leave it to the professionals and now hop along to your friends.
Instead they seem to encourage her and motivate her. What are they? Lazy to do it themselves and just leave it to a 16/17 year old?
Then we have the whole photographic memory thing. Which I must say was a really nice touch. Well, ok, at the beginning then. It started to get annoying after a few pages when we had random action replays of things we already had read a few pages back. Like was that really necessary? In the end, I mostly skipped the whole action replay crap and just went on with the book.

Also her relationship with people. Jack and her, was just awkward, at times I knew they were you know, together, but most of the time I felt like they were just good friends.
With her and Paige I had the same problem, at times they seemed like really good friends, but at other times they avoided each other and seemed more like casual roommates. Or Alyssa was making remarks about Paige and her horse parfume…

Even the conclusion to the book was quite, well over the top. I won’t spoil anything, but I just thought it was too much.
All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this book.


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