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Hardcover Surprises ~ Hollow City

Hardcover Surprises ~ Hollow City

Just started with reading this, and while I don’t always buy hardcover, some books are just too good or a too big of a do want.

So I was grabbing my book, a peek of blue came to my attention. I slipped off the cover and saw this on the book. Love the little things that writers and such add to the book, so glad I bought the hardcover. 🙂 Now I am kind of curious to see what is underneath the wrap on book 1.  Should check it out soon.

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Review for More Than This

Review for More Than This

This book consists of 4 parts, each part is a little bit closer to the truth, what really happened to Seth, what happened to his world, and where he is.

Part 1 is mainly about him and his wonderment in this new world where he ended up due to drowning.

Part 2 is about the people he meets in the desolate world and also to find out the truth. What happened.

Part 3 is all about the truth.

Part 4 is the ending, and my it was kind of bleh. I had expected something grand after this whole book, but it seems it was not going to happen.
From all those, I loved part 1 more. It was mysterious, and I was all the more curious about Seth and why and how he ended up there. We know he drowned, but was it suicide? Was it an accident? And how did he wind up there? I didn’t particularly like Part 2 because it introduced 2 new characters and also an antagonist. I didn’t really liked Tommy and how he acted, his English was horrible at times, at other times better and I thought he didn’t fit this world. 

Seth, was an interesting character. Many things in his life didn’t go well. He feels guilty about an event (and at times in the book I was trying to shout to him that it wasn’t his fault) and slowly we find out more about his life through his “dreams”. He is a really strong character, though I also felt sad for him, for having landed in such a place.

I won’t spoil much about the setting of the book, since this is all mystery and you will just have to find out what happened to the world and where Seth is. Let’s just say it was an awesome thing, I had suspicions, but it took a bit, there were hints scattered here and there.

The ending, meh, I didn’t enjoy it. Like I said earlier, I expected something grand and awesome, now it felt like I was tricked. Went through 450+ pages hoping for some conclusion, to find it ends in as much mystery as the first pages were.

One thing was this: It felt a bit too long winded at times. I think the book could easily be a bit shorter and still have the most important stuff still intact. 

I would still recommend the book, at least the first part. 🙂


Review for Woebegone Twins

Review for Woebegone Twins

W9781408314562e are back again with a second book in this gorgeous, exciting, bloody series called Schwartzgarten Tales. 

This time the main characters are a sister and a brother, they are twins. They don’t have the easiest of lives (which seems to be a recurring theme), their parents left them/died and they live with their aunt. Things happen and their aunt dies under mysterious circumstances, they are forced to live with a writer they met a few times.

I loved, adored this book, and I do have to say this one is less gory (at least in the beginning) than the previous book. Also throughout this book the twins don’t do any of the murders or deaths, they remain pretty pure throughout their ordeals, unlike the previous book which featured a main character who killed off people one by one. And while I liked that one, but like I said back then, I wouldn’t recommend that one for kids (too bloody and disturbing), however, I would recommend this book to kids (12+ though). It is more mystery and some mysterious deaths or disappearances happen, but they aren’t super gruesome for most of the time. 

It was an interesting read, and I loved the twins, I loved their aunt, I loved Morbide. They were great characters. I loved how the twins have some darker side to their mostly good side(they are interested in deaths/murders) that made them (for me) more human and it made the story more interesting. Especially since I was waiting for them to start doing some murders (sorry, but the previous book). I loved how close they were, and that no matter what situations they went through, they stayed close and helped each other out.

The Aunt, my oh my, I really liked her, she was the kind of woman I am sure people will love always (even though she has quite a temper). I was very sad when my suspicions proved to be right and her life was short-lived. But the time she was around, I enjoyed her and her relationship with the twins. Not many people would adopt kids like that, especially twins, and it is admirable she tried her best to make their lives great and fun.

Morbide, ah, my favourite character after the Twins. At the beginning I was thinking he was the catalyst, the bad guy, the murderer, the one to start doing bad stuff, but no, no, no, I was totally wrong. After a few pages I started to like him, and I really hoped he would live through the book. I won’t say what happens to him, that is all a secret you will have to find out.

My first impressions on the writer were pretty correct and I was happy that my instincts didn’t betray me on this one. I knew she was up to no good, and at times she was truly scary too with all she did to the kids. I can see where she gets her inspiration for her books, and sorry, what the hell? Disturbing and scary. Same goes for the two who are her cohorts. Though I never expected, or should I say suspected that person to be one of her cohorts. 

Again there was a great map of the city with new locations, however I would have loved a map for Sunken City (Venice?? Seems to match, it is pretty sunken, they have boats, Piazza’s) and of course the horror castle of the writer. Please more maps!

All in all the book is fantastic, and I can’t wait until October when book 3 comes out!


Review for #16thingsithoughtweretrue

Review for #16thingsithoughtweretrue

9781402277979Let me be honest, I was at first not truly sure if I would like the book. I was (until now that is) never a big fan of twitter, and I still think that # should stay on Twitter or similar fora.

I can now honestly say after reading this book, that this book was wonderful and that the whole # thing fitted right in. After all the main character loves (for most of the book) twitter and she is constantly on it, trying to gain followers.

Morgan was awesome, she is truly a kick-ass character, though I didn’t always like her at the beginning, she was such a typical teenager, always tweeting and telling the world about what happened in her life every time. I felt sad for her that, until her mom got sick, she never knew about her dad, only snippets of things, but nothing concrete. Her mom thinks she is dying and let’s out a secret, who Morgan’s dad is and eventually also where he is living how he looks.
Mom could have guessed though that Morgan would go search for him. She is after all old enough now to go and find him. And so she does. With her jerk of a boss Adam and the lovely, but at times a bit annoying, Amy.
Morgan keeps getting more awesome throughout the trip, and I was cheering for her when she went off to meet her dad when they finally got to their destination. I also cheered for her when she confronted her mom and also cheering for her during the end (I won’t spoil anything about that). Also I loved how she learned to stop twittering about everything and just occasionally checked stuff. Great job girl!

I loved, loved, loved the roadtrip. It was so much fun. Especially with Amy who just kept chatting and chatting, no matter what topic, it seems like she wasn’t embarrassed at all. Masturbation? Running out of the car to pee next to the road? Telling the truth, no matter how painful? Yep, you have Amy. I loved how she and Adam connected and how they just had a whole conversation filled with facts. 

Adam was a truly good character, as soon as you get to know him, you will find out he is a great guy, really sweet and wonderful. It was quite easy to see that Morgan and he would end up together. After all Amy is fun, but you could see him gravitating towards Morgan in the beginning already while he was fleeing from Amy and her constant chatter. 😉 I loved how supportive he was, how sweet he was. Great guy, Morgan really deserves him. 

Amy, ah, Amy, my favourite, though, slightly annoying girl at times. I don’t mind people who chat, but she does it constantly and she also has no filter. Loved how she turns out to be rich and how shocked she was at the hostel (she expected something more luxurious). The whole thing that happened with her during the end, I never expected it. Sure I could have, given what she said during the end of the trip, but I never expected it would go in that direction. I truly cried, and that is all I will say. Be warned and bring tissues though. 

I really loved this book. It was full of awesomeness, roadtrips, daddy issues and twitter. And I would really recommend it. Again, be sure to bring tissues.


A few gifs about how I felt during the ending:




Review for Open Road Summer

Review for Open Road Summer

Ah, perfect book, perfect. 🙂

It has all the right ingredients for a good book: Romance, Roadtrips, Bad and Good boys, Songs. 

Reagan and her friend (and singer) Dee are on a tour through the US (24 cities), everything goes right, until there is a scandal and Matt (our lovely, gorgeous boy) has to step in and come with them on the tour.

9780802736109I loved, adored, Reagan, though I also wanted to smack her at times, especially during some parts with Matt. Though, I can also kind of understand why she did what she did, with her past and everything that happened the last few months. I loved how much she cared for Dee, like a sister, like a friend, she was always there for her and would go to her immediately if Dee needed help or was in trouble. You don’t always find friends like that and Dee is one very lucky girl. Though the same goes for Reagan, she has an amazing friend in Dee. 
There was one thing I didn’t like about Reagan, how she was acting all tough and bad girly, while in reality she was a sweet girl who just picked the wrong things in life, but tried her best to find a way back to the right road. I wish she would have seen it herself and sooner. 🙂

Dee was a cute character, and she grew in this book. From, what I felt in the beginning, cute and no real plans about the future, to a girl who really thinks about her future, but also her past, with Jimmy (I still keep hoping they will get together again, they deserve each other). I loved how she pushed through her life, no matter what comes on her path. She is a fighter and my opinion through the book really goes from so-so to wow, awesome girl!

Matt, ah *swoon* Matt. Wonderful, sweet and dreamy. I loved him, how he was around Dee and more important, how he was around Reagan. They are a perfect match together. Both have experienced some rotten things in their lives and both know pain. Matt was a really great guy, and loved how much he stayed with Reagan, how much he loved her, even though her bad girl attitude should have caused many guys to run away, he stayed.

Of course there relationship is not without bumps and holes, but they get through it. 

I truly loved this book. I liked to read about the cities they went through, the concerts were fun, and again, the sparks around Matt and Reagan were wonderful. I would really recommend it to everyone! Read this, you won’t regret it!


Review for Savage Drift

Review for Savage Drift

The last, final book in this series (noooooeees). And what a perfect ending it was (but sad).

This time we have once again Dean as main character, and as a second main character we have Josie (who at the last book was presumed dead/gone).
They are both in various camps, Dean and all the other kids made it to a safe heaven (is it though?) and Josie is in some kind of O camp which has a lot of similarities to a concentration camp. The first part is mostly about the camps and making plans to find Josie. While the Josie part is mostly about how she got there, how she is trying to survive. Then it goes to roadtrip (and fleeing) to find Josie.

The book was at times pretty gruesome, especially the parts about Josie. Poor, Poor Josie. Sure she is dangerous and so are the other O’s, but to put them in such a camp, under such conditions. It was horrible. I cannot imagine how such a camp was ever approved and why there isn’t stricter moderation. The people were practically starved, abused and violence and other bad things were order of the day. It was practically a concentration camp. 
The other camp wasn’t much better, doing the same as what happened during WW II, kidnapping or taking pregnant woman to test them and their babies. Horrific.

The drifts were pretty scary, and I felt sorry for those who didn’t know what was coming. Once again the government tried to cover something up, if only they had just told everyone they made a mistake and that people should watch out, especially O’s and the ones who just burn up. I am sure more people would have been saved that way, and not have to go through these horrible things. 

I didn’t like the part were they found that baby in their stolen car though, I felt it was a bit unnecessary/unneeded. While it provided that they had a chance at a home/safety, I still felt it was out of place. Especially since they already had enough trouble with things, it really broke up their group. Niko went his way to find Josie. Jake, Dean and Astrid stayed together for a bit longer.

On the topic of Astrid, I found her character at times annoying and also indecisive. I wish she had picked sooner between Dean and Jake. This would have saved Dean sadness and pain and confusion, and I am sure it would have helped Jake as well. I didn’t like how she bitched at Dean, while what he was doing was pretty much normal. He was just worried about her, or he felt frustrated at Jake. What is he supposed to do? Ignore you? Leave you? Say nothing and just keep it inside? Still I loved how Dean stayed with Astrid no matter what, he was truly wonderful, only faltering a few times, but mostly stuck to her side.

Niko and Josie <3 I loved that little scene in the hospital, so wonderful, beautiful and fitting. So happy for them.

The ending, wow, just wow. It was just what I had imagined, and even more. I truly loved it and it was perfect. 🙂 I do wish a tiny little bit that we will get a side story with Jake, to see what happened to him, did he reach home? Did he get their messages?

I would truly recommend this wonderful series to everyone!


Review for What Mario Scietto Says

Review for What Mario Scietto Says

A short review for a short, but awesome story.

I am really happy to see Mario is finally getting his say, finally we find out how Josie survived the fire bombing, and also how she was saved by Mario.marioscietto

This short story is all monologue. Mario is talking to his dead wife, to Josie, to anyone. I really enjoyed this little story, it was really interesting, especially since I was really curious as to what happened to Josie that she ended up in a camp for O’s with Mario. 

And Mario was definitely, and will always be, my favourite side-character. He is quite awesome, and dedicated. No matter what, no matter the situation, he is the kind of guy who will save people and try to help out.

I felt sorry for him that he had to lose his wife, we also find out what happened to her in this story (not sure if that also was mentioned in the previous book).

Review for Don’t Call Me Baby

Review for Don’t Call Me Baby

I absolutely loved, adored this book. 

Imogene (what a name btw) has a problem, her mom is addicted to blogging, and you would say, what is so bad about that? Well, it is a blog all about Imogene, about everything she does. And Imogene, well didn’t mind it that much when she was little, but now that she is 15, she wants privacy and doesn’t want the whole world to know about her school, her crushes, her life and everything else. 

I can so imagine how embarrassing it must be for anyone, to have such a mom who blogs continually about you (no matter what topic) and won’t listen when you try to tell her you don’t want it. I would think if your kid tries to avoid you, tries to block the camera that there would be a little light going on in their head. Not with Imogene’s mom. I truly didn’t like her for most of the books. No matter what Imogene tried, her mom spun it around to have it centered on herself, or blamed it on puberty. *rolls eyes*

I really liked Imogene, she was a great kid, and I loved how she started her blog with nothing but loathing, but soon started changing the tone, because she saw that battling online was just not the way to go. Though she loved the attention, and I can imagine. After years of being teased about things that your mom put on a blog, it must be refreshing that for once they come to you because of something not mom-blogging related. 🙂 I loved how she also grew up and saw that she just had to face her mom directly. 
There was one thing though, I didn’t feel like Imogene, and also her friend were 15. Especially at the beginning I thought they were around 12, maybe 13. Why? Well with how they acted, childish a bit, strange a bit. And maybe also because I don’t live in America and our school system is a bit different. 🙂

The side-characters (Imogene’s best friend, her grandma, her dad, Dylan) they were all fun to read about and they made the book even more awesome. Grandma with her golf (and her obsession with it, and then the life she discovers when something happens). Dylan, who brought another side to the whole mom-blogging. Imogene’s best friend was also great, though I think at times she went too far with her campaign against her mom. 

All in all, this is one book I am recommending to everyone I know. 🙂 Read this!