Review for Zom-b Mission

Review for Zom-b Mission


First of all, I can honestly say I love the cover. It is still creepy, but not as disturbing as the other covers in this series. And just like all the other books you don’t find out what the cover means until you read the story.

I have to say the story was awesome. But well it is at times a bit much. I mean, we already have zombies, we already have a crazy clown, his crazy followers, a pedophile (since I would say Dan Dan is that) and now we also have the KKK. I don’t mind it that much, it makes a good story and Mr. Shan weaves it all together so it seems to all match together. And we already had the theme of racism mentioned several times (B’s dad, various other characters), so the KKK thing matches, but it still seems a bit weird to have it together with all the other things we already have.

Like all other books, this one also ends with a cliffhanger (gahhhh why???), so I am all curious as to how this will continue. What does the Owl man have to do with the KKK, what will happen to our Angels, and many other questions. Luckily it doesn’t take that long for the books to come out, so I can wait. 

I loved B in this book, she was really awesome and I also felt sad for her. What happened with Burke, how she felt during that time. But I was also cheering for her when she continued with her things, not wanting to drop her friends, her family. She is one kick-ass zombie, and I really like her more and more as the books continue. She has sharp reflects, when that happened with the girl, how fast she was up in that tree, how fast she handled the situation. 
And she still makes awesome remarks about everything that happens, no matter what situation, she has them ready and uses them. 🙂

There are 2 sad events happening. One involves Burke, and I won’t spoil, but I can tell you I was sad. I didn’t expect it to happen, and I was kind of hoping it wouldn’t happen. Then we have the girl and the tree and what happens there. Poor thing, so happy, so free and then that happens. I totally forgot about the deadliness of the zombie blood. 

All in all, a totally awesome book, and I can say I am looking forward to the rest of this series, I do hope everything will be concluded nicely since we only have 5 books to go. But I trust in Mr. Shan, and I am sure the ending will be epic.

Now I only have 2 wishes: 1. To meet with Mr. Shan (Please visit the Netherlands!) and 2. To read the next book. 🙂

And I would recommend this book to everyone!



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