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Booklet or Tome?

Tome, definitely, nothing is better than a big book. Snuggling up and enjoying a story that keeps going and doesn’t stop after a few pages.
Though there are times I don’t mind a shorter book. Like when I have a busy day and really want to read something, but not want to start a huge book.

Pre-owned or New?

I would say either. Why? Well pre-owned is nice, but I have seen some pre-owned books that looked like they went to hell and back, or they smelled horrendous (smoke/perfume or other things). But sometimes you can’t find books any more (because they are out of print) and then it is wonderful to have pre-owned books. In general though, since pre-owned books aren’t easy to find (at least not in English). I tend to go for new books. And both (if pre-owned is in good condition) have wonderful smells. Yes! I confess I am a book smeller.  🙂

Historical Fiction or Fantasy?

Mm, this is a tricky question. I would say in general, that I enjoy Historical Fiction more. Fantasy is nice, but I have tried some true fantasy books and I can say I just couldn’t get through them.

Hardcover or Paperback?

Well this is an easy one, Paperback! There are a few books that I buy in hardcover though, and mostly they are books that I just can’t wait for (like books written by Lemony Snicket or the Abarat Series), but in general I will pick Paperback. They take less room, they are easy and light and also a big pro-point: They are cheaper. There is only one downside, which I hope one day will be solved, that is it takes a year, sometimes years, for paperbacks to be released.

Funny or Sad?

This depends totally on my mood. Some days I just want to read a funny book that will cheer me up or will make me laugh, but at other times I would rather have a more serious (and often) sad books.

Do you prefer reading in summer or in winter?

I would say Either. Both have their advantages. In the summer I can sit on my balcony, or go outside and enjoy the sun and a good book. But in the winter I can grab a cup of hot chocolate, a warm, cozy blanket and curl up on the couch to read.

Classics or Mainstream?

Sorry to all you Classic fans, but if I have to pick I would go for Mainstream. I have tried several classics and while a few were good, I also had enough classics that were just boring or totally not something I would enjoy.

Guidebook or Fiction?

These days I would go for fiction, though at times I enjoy non-fiction (since I guess Guidebook means that). I had a big period when I was young that most books I read were non-fiction (still got a whole of books from that time on my bookshelves), but these days, it is really more fiction.

Crime Novel or Thriller?

Thriller. Crime Novels just don’t interest me that much.

E-book or Print Edition?

Print Edition all the way. I do read e-books, but that is mostly because English books aren’t easy to find here and I just don’t have the room or money to buy all the books I might want to read. Especially since I read quite a lot every year. But, if I like a book I will buy the paperback, since again, nothing can beat a real book. The smells, the feels, and the fact you actually own it. Ah, did I mention seeing it in my bookcase? J

Collecting or Clearing Out?

I am a big collector of books. I just love seeing my favourite books on my bookshelves and being able to touch and hold them whenever I want. I do still need to clear out some books I just don’t read or like, but it is so hard to remove them.
I am a true hoarder, I got a whole lot of books in my home and should really buy a new bookcase, since the ones I have are stuffed to the max with books. 🙂

Internet or bookshop?

While I would love to pick the bookshop option, 99% of the English books I buy come from the Internet. Why? Because here English books aren’t easy to find (especially the new books), or they are expensive (like twice as much from the internet price).
But I love to walk around in a bookshop (whenever I get a chance). I love strolling through them, smelling the book scent that always lingers around in those stores and just checking if there are new Dutch books I might want to get from the library or for my own collection.

Backlist or New Publication?

Either. I don’t really care when a book is published. As long as the book is good or seems interesting I don’t care if it was published 20 years ago or just a month ago.

Best or Bad Seller?

I don’t really care about it, so either it is, I have had many best sellers that I found utterly crap, and read many books that are deemed bad seller that I liked. Though I tend to get a bit tired of the advertisements or the hype that surrounds a best seller.

Cookbooks or Baking Books?

I love cooking, but nothing can beat baking, so I will pick that one as the one I would go for. Muffins.


Well I hope you all enjoyed this, I did, I love these kind of things. Thanks to Booklikes for this wonderful thing!

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