Review for #16thingsithoughtweretrue

Review for #16thingsithoughtweretrue

9781402277979Let me be honest, I was at first not truly sure if I would like the book. I was (until now that is) never a big fan of twitter, and I still think that # should stay on Twitter or similar fora.

I can now honestly say after reading this book, that this book was wonderful and that the whole # thing fitted right in. After all the main character loves (for most of the book) twitter and she is constantly on it, trying to gain followers.

Morgan was awesome, she is truly a kick-ass character, though I didn’t always like her at the beginning, she was such a typical teenager, always tweeting and telling the world about what happened in her life every time. I felt sad for her that, until her mom got sick, she never knew about her dad, only snippets of things, but nothing concrete. Her mom thinks she is dying and let’s out a secret, who Morgan’s dad is and eventually also where he is living how he looks.
Mom could have guessed though that Morgan would go search for him. She is after all old enough now to go and find him. And so she does. With her jerk of a boss Adam and the lovely, but at times a bit annoying, Amy.
Morgan keeps getting more awesome throughout the trip, and I was cheering for her when she went off to meet her dad when they finally got to their destination. I also cheered for her when she confronted her mom and also cheering for her during the end (I won’t spoil anything about that). Also I loved how she learned to stop twittering about everything and just occasionally checked stuff. Great job girl!

I loved, loved, loved the roadtrip. It was so much fun. Especially with Amy who just kept chatting and chatting, no matter what topic, it seems like she wasn’t embarrassed at all. Masturbation? Running out of the car to pee next to the road? Telling the truth, no matter how painful? Yep, you have Amy. I loved how she and Adam connected and how they just had a whole conversation filled with facts. 

Adam was a truly good character, as soon as you get to know him, you will find out he is a great guy, really sweet and wonderful. It was quite easy to see that Morgan and he would end up together. After all Amy is fun, but you could see him gravitating towards Morgan in the beginning already while he was fleeing from Amy and her constant chatter. 😉 I loved how supportive he was, how sweet he was. Great guy, Morgan really deserves him. 

Amy, ah, Amy, my favourite, though, slightly annoying girl at times. I don’t mind people who chat, but she does it constantly and she also has no filter. Loved how she turns out to be rich and how shocked she was at the hostel (she expected something more luxurious). The whole thing that happened with her during the end, I never expected it. Sure I could have, given what she said during the end of the trip, but I never expected it would go in that direction. I truly cried, and that is all I will say. Be warned and bring tissues though. 

I really loved this book. It was full of awesomeness, roadtrips, daddy issues and twitter. And I would really recommend it. Again, be sure to bring tissues.


A few gifs about how I felt during the ending:




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