Review for Alienated

Review for Alienated

9781423170280I heard quite a lot of varied opinions. Some absolutely hate this book, quite a lot find it ok, and some others love it.

My opinion? Well, it is ok. It wasn’t what I expected, it wasn’t always good and sometimes I just found it way over the top. And I am not even talking about the characters.

Since I don’t feel like writing much I will just do a pro-con list. 🙂

-Fun idea, a transfer student from space. I was really interested in this kind of idea, since of course you get enough problems with him. Will he like the food? The hosts? The school? The various other things? How about customs and all that? And with that we get to the next point.
-What happens when you get said alien transfer student in a human world.
-The Cover. Absolutely gorgeous and lovely.
-The first few pages.
-The blog parts. I was really sad when those disappeared. Such a nice idea.

-The alien words, most of the time I either didn’t know how to pronounce them (which is really annoying if they pop up often) or I didn’t know what they meant. Some words are explained near the end, but sorry by then I couldn’t even care, or I totally blocked out the word.
-The romance. Sorry, just a bit too unrealistic. A spock-like alien pops up and after not even a year he has emotions and wants to rip the pants of the girl he is staying with.
-The whole over-the-top scenario. At the beginning there were protests and all that, but by the end it was full-blown war, people died, got wounded or other. And I am sorry, but that was just silly.
-The alien or Aelyx (how the hell you ever pronounce that, no clue, I just went with what the principal/guy at the beginning said). I just didn’t like his attitude, how he swayed between liking Earth, and hating it. He even wants to sabotage the mission, and for what? Because humans and all, he never gave them a chance to show them who they were, how they are. Also his non-emotions and how he dissed everything and everyone because he was so obviously better. cough cough
-Tori and Eric. Yes I know, the ending and all, but come on, for most of the book they both are total douche-bags and they even get together .
-The whole Cah-ra thing, it was fun once, to see how he pronounced it, but it got boring pretty quickly.

So all in all, a decent book, but well at times I just got annoyed with various things. Will I read the next book? I am not sure yet. Maybe I will try, see if it gets better. And mostly it will also be because I am curious about the fate of Earth.


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