Review for Backward Compatible: A Geek Love Story

Review for Backward Compatible: A Geek Love Story


When I saw this book, and then read the blurb I knew I just had to read this and had to get it.

This book is in one word: Geeky!

In more words, it was a big bundle of Geeky things, gaming, romance, silly quotes, silly dates, cars with strange names, friendship and more!

The Dual POV was done really well, I really liked to see the story from both sides, and both sides had their friends, and it was fun to see them interact with them. And seeing how everyone slowly got together because of a game.

George and Katie were wonderful characters and I really enjoyed seeing them get together, to find love, to learn to live with both of their friends (since they both had friends that were a bit extra-ordinary).

I had one guy I didn’t like. The one who tried to get into everyone’s pants and also wrote a blog, I totally forgot his name by now (yes that is how bad he is). I loved when the whole group ganged up against him in the game and kept killing him. 🙂

The story was good. There were 2 clear story lines. You had the whole game and we need to get all the stuff/levels/special boss, and you had the George x Katie story line with romance.

I would truly recommend this book to everyone who likes: Geekiness, Romance, Silly Quotes, Games.

A few quotes (there are more, but I don’t want to clutter stuff too much):

“Do you have our frequent gamers card?” “No.” “Do you want to sign up for our frequent gamers card?” “No, thank you.” “Do you want to put ten bucks down on the pre-release of Need for Speed 53?” “No.” “Do you want to put money down on any other upcoming titles?” “No.” “Do you want to sign up for our email service to notify you of gamer news?” “No.” “Do you want to sign up for a subscription to Techtaphonic, our store’s magazine?” “Good lord, no. Can I just buy the game?”

“Remember that time we were playing Tossing Bitches and I killed you by accidentally tossing a bitch at you?”

“We need to get out of here and blow some shit up. There is way too much Nicholas Sparks nonsense happening at this table.”


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