Review for Biggest Flirts

Review for Biggest Flirts


I was truly, truly looking forward to this book, believe me!

The blurb sounded epic, the characters sounded fun, and then the book happened and sadly I can say, I hated the characters (well at least the main characters).
Quite early in the book we get Tia and Will, they meet, and quite soon they depart to Tia’s house, where they almost have sex. I have no problem with sex (as long as it fits the story and isn’t overly graphic), but I do have a problem with it like this. Like we just met, let’s have sex and go our own way. Nope, nope. 

I didn’t like Tia, not at all. She runs away from her responsibilities, toys with boys, flirts with Will to death, she is super negative about a lot of things. Just no. Girl, I can imagine your mom ran away, your sisters are pretty horrendous in the responsibility department, but come on, you are you. Everyone around you is supporting you, they all try to remind you how great you are, and you just shrug it off and run away. 
Also something I didn’t get was how the hell can she still stay on school? From what I hear, she doesn’t do homework. Sure she probably scores high on tests and all (her MAGICUL ability of stress that Magicully makes her super awesome and gets her to score PERFUCTLY on any test rolls eyes). But come on, when I was still in high school, if you didn’t make your homework, came in too late, you would just get a warning, then a suspension and maybe even worse, they don’t keep you.
Now on to the flirting, I really detested that part after a while and how she kept gravitating towards Will, keeping him on a lease (so it seems) and running away when it got to serious. I really hated her for doing that. Now, Will, isn’t also our sweet angel though.

Will, ah Will. Gets rejected on day one of his stay in his new state by Tia, they flirt, flirt, he goes on date with another girl, it gets pretty serious and still he flirts with TIA.. Boy, seriously, you know how stupid you are acting? So you can’t get girl 1, you just go to another girl? A girl you know she hates? What the HELL. No. And then he is all Boohoooo Booohoo when Tia and he get picked for Biggest Flirt nomination.

Good, enough about those main characters. Now on to the side characters. I just loved them, and since I heard that they will some books featuring their story, I will be sure to check it out. 
My favourite side character would be Sawyer, sure he was a prick at times, but you soon will love him, you will start to cheer for him and hope he will get better and finally gets back on the right road.
Also Tia’s friends were really sweet and great and seem to always be there for her (no matter what). 

And sure the ending was gorgeous, but it took too long, took it too far. I just was done with the book around halfway in. I think it would have better if the flirting would have been limited and also Tia’s whining.


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