Review for Don’t Call Me Baby

Review for Don’t Call Me Baby

9780062208521I absolutely loved, adored this book. 

Imogene (what a name btw) has a problem, her mom is addicted to blogging, and you would say, what is so bad about that? Well, it is a blog all about Imogene, about everything she does. And Imogene, well didn’t mind it that much when she was little, but now that she is 15, she wants privacy and doesn’t want the whole world to know about her school, her crushes, her life and everything else. 

I can so imagine how embarrassing it must be for anyone, to have such a mom who blogs continually about you (no matter what topic) and won’t listen when you try to tell her you don’t want it. I would think if your kid tries to avoid you, tries to block the camera that there would be a little light going on in their head. Not with Imogene’s mom. I truly didn’t like her for most of the books. No matter what Imogene tried, her mom spun it around to have it centered on herself, or blamed it on puberty. rolls eyes

I really liked Imogene, she was a great kid, and I loved how she started her blog with nothing but loathing, but soon started changing the tone, because she saw that battling online was just not the way to go. Though she loved the attention, and I can imagine. After years of being teased about things that your mom put on a blog, it must be refreshing that for once they come to you because of something not mom-blogging related. 🙂 I loved how she also grew up and saw that she just had to face her mom directly. 

There was one thing though, I didn’t feel like Imogene, and also her friend were 15. Especially at the beginning I thought they were around 12, maybe 13. Why? Well with how they acted, childish a bit, strange a bit. And maybe also because I don’t live in America and our school system is a bit different. 🙂

The side-characters (Imogene’s best friend, her grandma, her dad, Dylan) they were all fun to read about and they made the book even more awesome. Grandma with her golf (and her obsession with it, and then the life she discovers when something happens). Dylan, who brought another side to the whole mom-blogging. Imogene’s best friend was also great, though I think at times she went too far with her campaign against her mom. 

All in all, this is one book I am recommending to everyone I know. 🙂 Read this!


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